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Thousands of unique Pembroke Welsh Corgi t-shirts & gifts!

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Funny Stuff

Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi t-shirts, including corgi cartoons! Bring a chuckle to all the other dog lovers when you wear our hilarious corgi apparel. Choose from many amusing designs:

I deal with temptation by yielding to it! Funny Mark Twain quote accompanies this adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi cartoon, with the dog peeking longingly at a big cookie jar. Fun dog lover gifts.
Get down! This corgi takes it to a whole new level. In Green and Blue, with a bone background.
Get Down - Blue Green
Get down! This corgi takes it to a whole new level. In Pink and Blue, with a bone background.
Get Down - Pink Blue
Two Corgis Enter - One Corgi Leaves! Funny pembroke welsh corgi t-shirts and more. Two red and white corgis are getting ready to battle it out - sumo style.
Corgi Sumo
This cartoon corgi just looks nuts. The words read, "I just need my coffee!" and has the head of the breed drawn jerkily with crazy eyes! Give him the coffee before he hurts someone!
I Just Need My Coffee
It turns out that Merlin and Muffin were really good at "playing dead." The two corgis act out the death scene from Romeo and Juliet. Great cartoon! Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi tshirts & other apparel.
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Funny corgi cartoon has two Pembrokes that apparently had a little too much fun with paint! Colorful design has splatters and splashes of paint everywhere, and each dog points resolutely at the other, "HE did it!"
Corgi Paint War
Houston, we have a corgi! Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi art with the dog breed in outer space, out for a little space walk above the earth. He's wearing a spacesuit and helmet. Unique dog lover drawing is sure to be a hit with corgi fans!
Corgis In Space
It's not over till the FAT CORGI SINGS! Wait, what happened to the fat lady? Cool dog lover shirts & gifts, with a cartoon Pembroke Welsh Corgi wearing a viking hat, yellow braids, and a shield, as she belts out a tune.
Opera Singer
Ever want to tell someone to kiss your butt? How about your dog's butt? This funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi tshirt is full of sass and attitude as the short canine points to his bum and tells you to "Kiss It!"
Kiss it!
Poor corgi! He tried to chase a squirrel, forgetting about that annoying glass in between him and his prey. Now he's all smooshed into the door, and the squirrel is pointing and laughing. Funny corgi cartoon!
Glass Doors
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